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AMFS Land Use Policy

Adopted at the AFMS Annual Meeting July 17, 2002


  1. Adherence to the AFMS Code of Ethics assures compliance with most statutes and regulations governing collecting on public lands and encourages respect for private property rights and the environment. Clubs are urged to read the AFMS Code of Ethics in at least one meeting every year, to publish the Code frequently in the club newsletter, and to compel compliance on club field trips.

  2. Individuals and clubs are urged to write their elected representatives and land use management agency supervisors regarding issues of proposed legislation and enforcement affecting field collecting of minerals and fossils.

  3. Individuals and clubs are urged to join and support activities of the American Lands Access Association (ALAA), a sister organization with responsibility for advancing the interests of earth science amateurs with legislatures and land use management agencies.

  4. The AFMS will receive a report from ALAA at its annual meeting.

  5. The AFMS endorses the principle of multiple uses of public lands as a guarantee of continuing recreational opportunities.

  6. Wilderness and monument designations are inconsistent with the principle of multiple uses. In view of the vast amount of public land already designated as wilderness and monuments, future such designations should be minimal, taking into account the increased demand for recreational opportunities, including rockhounding, created by a growing population.

  7. In furtherance of the principle of multiple use, the AFMS believes that laws, regulations and rules established by relevant governmental authorities should be designed to allow freest possible access to all public lands, coupled with minimal restrictions on the recreational collection of minerals, fossils, gemstone materials and other naturally occurring materials.

  8. A right to collect minerals and fossils on public lands should be protected by statute,

  9. The AFMS urges its members to work with any or all government authorities to achieve a good working relationship in order to improve the "Public Image" of recreational collectors.

If interested in finding out more on this subject, please contact a member of the RMFMS Public Lands Advisory Committee.  Their contact information can be found here.

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