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Executive Committee


Bob Regner



Liz Thomas



Gene Maggard


Albuquerque Gem and Mineral Club

Wyoming State Mineral and Gem Society

Northwest Arkansas Gem & Mineral Society

Wichita Gem & Mineral Society


Cinda Kunkler


Topeka Gem & Mineral Society, Inc

Past President-1

Past President-2

Richard Jaegar



Executive Committee

The Rocky Mountain Federation of Mineralogical Societies is divided into districts with one member from each district as a State Director. State Directors are elected by the House of Delegates and will serve on the Federation's Executive Committee. As stated in the RMFMS By-Laws, ARTICLE V – EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, Section 2, the term of office for State Directors shall be for two years. The term of office shall begin on November 1 of the year elected and run until October 31 two years later. The following State Directors shall be elected in even numbered years: Colorado, New Mexico/Texas, Oklahoma/Arkansas, Wyoming and Utah. The following State Directors shall be elected in odd numbered years: Arizona/Nevada, Kansas, North Dakota, and South Dakota/Nebraska.

Steve Kaminski, Mineralogical Society of Arizona, Flagg Mineral Foundation

8306 East Oak Street, Scottsdale AZ, 480*321*9749;

Kathy Honda, (2019) Denver Gem & Mineral Guild
3591 S. Richfield Circle Aurora CO 80013-3039; 303*315*7749;

Brad Davenport, (2021) Topeka Gem and Mineral Society
8049 SE 29th St Tecumseh, KS 66542, 785*845*6624;

New Mexico/Texas
Bob Regner, Albuquerque Gem and Mineral Club,

North Dakota
Steve Fasching, 


Roberta Wagle, (2022) Tulsa Rock and Mineral society, Tulsa, OK

21402 E Pecan Dr, Catoosa, OK  74015, 918*695*4291;

S Dakota/Nebraska
Lori Loomis, (2020) Western Dakota Gem and Mineral Society, SD
PO Box 415, Rapid City, SD 57709; 605*718*9130;


Tracy Jensen

Leane Gray, Sublette County Rock Hounds
PO Box 1351, Big Piney, WY 83113;



All phone numbers and email addresses have been altered to reduce the chance of being found in searches used by scammers. In the emails, the “@” has been replaced by “~at~” and the phone numbers have been separated by an *. When using this information, you will need to put the information in its proper format for it to work properly.


ACROY- Chris Whitney-Smith,

ALL American Club -Roberta Wagle,

BECA Contest- Linda Jaeger,

Boundaries -Delane Cox

Convention Advisor- Liz Thomas,

Credentials- Roberta Wagle

Directory -Liz Thomas,

Editor- Linda Jeager

Finance- Wayne Cox,

Fluorescent Tech-Pete Modreski,

Fossils Tech- Patrick Rowe,

Gold Pan Award-Richard Jaeger,

Insurance-Gene Maggard,

International Relations-Mike Nelson,

Juniors Program- Terri Harris,

Lapidary Tech- Vacant 

Long Range Planning-Liz Thomas,

Long Range Planning- Richard Jaeger, 

Long Range Planning-Judy Beck,

Mineralogical Tech- Vacant

Name Badges-Richard Jaeger,

Nominating Committee-Bob Regner,

Nominating Committee-Liz Thomas, Nominating Committee-Richard Jaeger, Parliamentarian- Gene Maggard,

Plac—AZ- Dr. Alex Schauss

Plac -- CO/NE/ND- Mike Nelson (Chair),

Plac—KS- Jared Kyner


Plac—OK/AR-Stan Nowak, 

Plac—SD- Brandon Nelson, 

Plac—UT/NV-Jack Johnson,

Plac - WY- Richard Gerow,

Program Contest-Gene Maggard,

Program Library- Peggy Maggard,

Public Relations- Brian Crocker

Ribbons- Peggy Sure Moore,

Safety- Jodi Brewster

Scholarship Committee-Richard Jaeger, Stationary/Trophies- Bennie Thomas

Supplies- Roberta Wagle,

Uniform Rules-

Leon Reader

Lee Whitebay:

Les Prezmyk

Webmaster- Dale Bright

Website Contest- Jennifer Gerring

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