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Honorary Award Recipients and Grants to Students:

Grants made by the Foundation are restricted to graduate students who are majoring in one of the Earth Sciences, since our joint interests lie in this field. Currently, two $4000 grants are given each year in the Rocky Mountain Federation. The first Foundation Scholarship Grant became possible in 1965. Our first Honorary Award Winner was Dr. Richard M. Pearl, associate Professor of Geology at Colorado College. The student he chose to receive our first grant was Victor Lee who was attending the Colorado School of Mines. The AFMS Scholarship Foun-dation has awarded more than $1.7 million since that time.

Scholarship Recipients

2021 Dr. Paul D. Brooks Miss Margaret Wolf $4000

Dr. Dennis L. Newell Mr. Connor Frederickson $4000

2020 Wayne Sutherland Mr. Greg Stark $4000

Mr. Adam Trzinski $4000

2019 Dr. Steve Westrop Aimee N. Plowman $4000

Ryan Rosol $4000

2018 Dr. Matthew Brueseke

Emily Fenner $4000

KayLeigh Rogers $4000

2017 Dr. Chloe Bonamici

Danielle Sulthaus $4000

Landon Daniel $4000

2016 Dr. Foster Sawyer

Kyle Hazelwood $4000

Stephanie Loose $4000

2015 Dr. Bryan Tapp

Whitney Campbell $4000

Stacey Trowbridge $4000

2014 Dr. Robert L. Carlson

Magdalena Donahue $4000

Kimberly Samuels-Crow $4000

2013 Arlene Burkhalter

Bryan Turner $4000

James Maner $4000

2012 Dr. James Kirkland  $4000

2011 Dr. Michael E. Nelson Allen Tate $4000

Deborah Wagner $4000

2010 Dr. Ron DeGood  $4000

2009 Dr. Steven W. Veatch

Scott Smith $4000

Janell Thoene $4000

2008 Anna Demitrovic Madison Barkley $4000

Renata Jasinevicius $4000

Janell Thoene $4000

2007 Dr. Jack Murphy

Emily Caskey $4000

Byron Straw $4000

2006 Dr. David London

Kerry Paul $4000

Annie Garcia $4000

2005 Howell Whiting

Frederick Parkey $4000

Christine Kimball $4000

2004 Dr. Andrew R. Campbell Robert Sanders $4000

Amanda Rowe $4000



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