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Bulletin Editors Contest

The guidelines and forms (score sheets) for the RMFMS & AFMS Bulletin Editors Contests have been revised. RMFMS materials are the same as AFMS materials with one exception. RMFMS has an additional Features category (Photo Collage) that AFMS does not have. Please use the revised/updated guidelines and forms below, which include the Photo Collage category.


Using the new materials for 2024 and beyond is required. There are many changes to the juniors’ categories & eligibility, and refinements have been made to ALL score sheets. All new materials are in a different typeface, so it is obvious that you are using the revised rules & score sheets.


Because MS Word no longer has the option to create fillable PDFs, the fillable forms are now templates (.dotx). If your computer will not open the .dotx forms, you can download the “not fillable” forms, print them, and fill in by hand.

Why enter the Bulletin Editors Contest?

2023 Letters to Editors; re Bulletin Editors Contest

RMFMS Editors Checklist. Required

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