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Rocky Mountain Federation of Mineralogical Societies

Annual Contest: Celebrating Excellence for Webmasters, Bulletin Editors, and the All-American Award


Every year, the Rocky Mountain Federation of Mineralogical Societies (RMFMS) host highly anticipated contests that recognizes outstanding individuals and Clubs in the realms of Webmaster, Bulletin/ Editor, and the coveted All-American Award. This competition serves as a platform for Clubs, enthusiasts, and experts in the field to showcase their skills, creativity, and dedication to the world of mineralogy.

 Regional Website Contest:

This award focuses on the digital prowess of individuals within the mineralogical community. Contestants are challenged to demonstrate their proficiency in designing, maintaining, and enhancing websites dedicated to attracting new members, providing relevant information for members and assisting the Club in fulfilling its mission. The Webmaster award not only honors technical expertise but also celebrates the ability to engage and educate online audiences about the fascinating world of minerals.

Bulletin Editors Contest:


For those passionate about print and written communication, the Bulletin Creation Challenge provides a platform to showcase editorial and design skills. This category highlights the importance of effective communication in sharing knowledge and fostering a sense of community among mineralogy enthusiasts.

All-American Award:

The All American Club Award is given to the individual club Yearbook, highlighting a club's activities for the past year, including group activities, individual member participation, workshops and shows. Credit is given for attendance at regional and national shows, participation at meetings, holding officer positions on various committees, writing to state representatives, and involvement in ALAA - all these activities reflect an active club that makes membership worthwhile for everyone. The AACA awards are recognition of these activities, with bronze, silver and gold levels and an overall 1st place gold award.

Take a look at what your club has accomplished this past year, and give credit where credit is due! The more members contribute to the yearbook, the more completely it can serve as an historical document for the club, as well as an excellent tool to encourage prospective members. Canvassing members for any missing documentation, letters, flyers or other materials to fill in some gaps just might make the difference between a good club and a great Club Yearbook entry.

Take advantage of the guide that is on the AFMS site written by John Washburn. "An All American Club Yearbook: A Guide for Preparation." This gives an explanation of each section, and what judges look for in rating the entries. It also highlights areas that are usually the weakest for many clubs and offers suggestions to improve those areas, as well as hints and tips for organizing the book.

 Rocky Mountain Federation of Mineralogical Societies Annual Contests are a celebration of talent, creativity, and dedication within the mineralogy community. Whether through volunteering as a web mastering, bulletin editor, or a club earning the esteemed All-American Award, participants contribute to the vibrant tapestry of mineralogical exploration and education.

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